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The Four Grades of Honeysuckle

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The Four Grades of Honeysuckle

Honeysuckle has great medicinal value and health care purposes, but its purity is different, and its effect is also different. Honeysuckle is divided into four grades, and different grades are different values.


First-class standard: the content of flower buds, flowers and yellow stripes is less than or equal to 5% 

The first-class honeysuckle standard is dried. The buds are in the shape of a hand’s holding.The stem is thick at the top and thin in the bottom and slightly curved. The surface is in green-white color. The corolla is thick and slightly hard. The smell and taste are fragrant. The contents of open flowers, broken flower buds and yellow stripes are not more than 5%, and there are no black stripes, blackheads, branches and leaves, impurities, mildew, insects and other problems.

Second-class standard: no more than 5% of open flowers

The standard of second-class honeysuckle is basically the same as that of first-class’s honeysuckle, except that the standard flowering of the second-class honeysuckle does not exceed 5%, and the broken buds and yellow stripes do not exceed 10%.

Third-class standard: no more than 30% of the open flowers

The third-class honeysuckle standard is that the buds are in the shape of a hand holding. the top is thick and the bottom is thin.The surface is green-white or yellow-white. The corolla is slightly thicker and hard. The smell is also fragrant and the taste is bitter.Open flowers and blackheads are not more than 30%, and there are no branches and leaves, impurities, mildew, insects and other problems.

Fourth-class standard: no more than 3% of branches and leaves

The quality of the fourth grade honeysuckle is not as good as that of the first three grades. It can allow both flower buds and open flowers. There is no color differences. The total branches and leaves will not exceed 3%, but there are no impurities, mold, insects and other problems. It is also very suitable for daily households’ consumption.

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