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The Licorice Market Outlook

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The Licorice Market Outlook

1. The growth habit and main origin

Licorice is a perennial herb. The above-ground plants are sown in late autumn and withered in early winter each year. After the soil is thawed in the following year, the new plants will emerge and regenerate the new plants. It is mostly born in the north temperate zone, 0-200 meters above the sea level in plains, mountains and river valleys. At present, most of the sources of goods circulating in the market are mainly household goods. Home-grown licorice is mainly produced in parts of Xinjiang, Inner Mongolia, Gansu and Ningxia in China.

2. The planting statusLiquorice Root-Herbal Vitae

As China's poverty alleviation policies in recent years have encouraged the cultivation of Chinese herbs, the overall planting area is still on the rise, except that the planting area in some production areas has been reduced in some degrees. The licorice seeds used in Chinese licorice cultivation are basically from the wild. The provenance of licorice seeds traded in the market is seriously mixed. The quality is quite different. So the price of seeds varies greatly, and the quality of the herbs produced varies. In terms of the stocks, there is a large amount of stocks in each origin. With the continuous development of import and export trading, imported licorice also hit the domestic market.

3. The market outlook analysis

With the continuous increase of the state's supervision of Chinese medicinal materials and the implementation of the pharmacopoeia, the liquiritin and glycyrrhizic acid of some licorice cannot meet the pharmacopoeia standards, so the prices of licorice that meet the pharmacopoeia standards and those that do not will be polarized. Licorice whose content does not meet the standard has no hope of rising in the market.From the perspective of modern medical research, domestic pharmaceutical companies are developing the high-end licorice market, and the future development of licorice will focus on optimizing the varieties and improving the quality.

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