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What is Reishi Mushroom Extract

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Reishi Mushroom for sale -herbal vitaeReishi mushroom extract is produced by the harvested and ripened fresh fruiting body at the right time, after the processes of drying , the hot water extraction (or alcohol extraction), the vacuum concentration, and the spray drying, etc.. It is the further concentration and purification of the reishi mushroom powder. Its main components are the Ganoderma lucidum triterpenoids and Ganoderma lucidum polysaccharides.

Ganoderma lucidum extracts vary greatly due to the different raw materials and extraction processes. From the point of view of the raw materials, the quality extracted from the fruiting body of Duanmuchi lucidum with the spore powder is better, the quality of Duanmuchi lucidum which its spore powder already has been harvested goes after, and the quality extracted from the bagged red Ganoderma lucidum is relatively poor. In terms of the extraction technology, the water extraction mainly extracts the crude polsaccharides components in the fruiting body, and the alcohol extraction mainly extracts the triterpenes in the fruiting body.

What are the pharmacological effects of the Ganoderma lucidum extract?

Ganoderma lucidum water extract and its polysaccharides (peptides): Immunomodulatory effect, anti-tumor effect, protective effect of radiotherapy and chemotherapy, sedative and analgesic effect, cardiotonic and anti-myocardial ischemia effect, anti-brain hypoxia and reoxygenation effect, antihypertensive effect, blood lipid regulation effect, hypoglycemic effect Function, enhancing the DNA polymerase activity, promoting the nucleic acid and protein synthesis, improving the hypoxia tolerance, anti-oxidation and scavenging free radicals, anti-aging, anti-chemical and immune liver damage, anti-experimental gastric ulcer, etc.

 Ethanol extract of fruiting body and its triterpenoids

In addition to the hepatoprotective, anti-tumor, analgesic and antioxidant and scavenging the free radical effects similar to the polysaccharides (peptides), in the vitro tests It also has the anti-tumor effect and the inhibiting of the human acquired immunodeficiency virus (HIV), the release of the histamine, angiotensin converting enzyme activity, cholesterol synthesis, the platelet aggregation, etc..

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