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Herb Roots and Stalks

Herb roots and stalks is one of the most important category under dried herbs raw material. Many of the effective part of the herbs is root and stalks. So after harvested, the herb's roots and stalks will be selected and dried. There are many famous Chinese herbs under this category such as Chinese Thorowax Root, Dang Shen, Chinese Angelica,  Milkvetch Root, Ginseng, Black Cohosh, polygala root, Valerian root etc. These herbs are widely used in medicinal, cosmetics, health care and food, chemical industries etc.. and many has the effect of anti-inflammatory, anti-pathogenic microorganisms, antipyretic effect, pain relief effect or sedative effect and so on. It has beneficial effects to people's health and can be reprocessed into medicines, food ingredients, drink and beverage additives etc.. Our company focus on cultivation and production of the dried herbs raw material of good quality. In order to control the quality of the raw materials, we also have our own cultivation area.

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