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New production tracking: the safflower market continues to fluctuate

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safflower-herbal vitaeSafflower market outlook

As a variety with a short growth cycle, safflower is one of the most popular varieties in the Chinese herb market due to the high price in recent years. At present, new products have been launched to the market one after another, and new production in Yunnan production areas has also entered in to the middle and late stages.

Due to the change of the weather, the production quantity will be full of uncertainty. Stimulated by the high price of safflower, farmers have been more enthusiastic about the planting of safflower in the past two years. They plant in July to November every year, and there will be a small amount of new production before the new year, and the peak picking period will come from mid-March to mid-April in the next year. It gradually enters into the end period in early May. Judging from the current production situation, the growers in the production areas reported that due to the continuous drought in winter and spring, the production in the planting areas has been affected to some degrees this year, and the production quantity per unit area is not as good as that of the same period last year.

Many merchants have analyzed the current production areas and market conditions, and believe that the drought in Yunnan this year has led to a reduction in production, which is an unchangeable situation, but the actual market demand needs to be balanced in the next step.

In addition, the planting area of safflower in Gansu this year has increased significantly compared with last year. It is believed that new products will be launched one after another in June, which will inevitably have a certain impact on its overall market.

In terms of long-term analysis, it still depends on the planting area and output of Xinjiang safflower this year (Xinjiang is currently in the planting period), and the future market of safflower is still full of uncertain.

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