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The Differences among Anise, Fennel Fruit and Fennel

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The Differences among Anise , Fennel Fruit and Fennel

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Anise has eight horns, and the color is dark brown. The appearance of fennel fruit is relatively small, and its shape is similar to that of rice husks. The taste of anise is more fragrant, similar to mint, but the taste of fennel fruit is to some extent like mothballs.

The appearance of fennel is green. It is the young leaves and stems of the plant fennel. After people collect it, it can be used for filling. The dumplings or steamed buns filled with fennel have a very good taste.

Fennel fruit is the mature fruit of the plant fennel. This kind of fruit is relatively small, granular, and has a very strong aroma. It can be used in stir-frying or stewing.

Fennel fruit is the fruit of the foeniculum tsinlingin vulgare mill, native to the Mediterranean region. It is cultivated all over China, mainly in Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Gansu and Liaoning.

First of all, fennel fruit is often used clinically to treat cold abdominal pain, such as cold pain in the lower abdomen, epigastric pain, dysmenorrhea in gynecology, and can also be used for cold colic abdominal pain, testicular fall pain, etc..

Secondly, fennel fruit can also treat abdominal pain, vomiting and less eating. It is often used with atractylodes, dried tangerine peel and ginger.

Fennel fruit is also commonly used as a condiment. Sometimes when making meat food, people will add some fennel, which can not only improve the aroma of meat, but also can warm the body and dispel the cold.

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