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Schisandra Chinensis: a Good Nourishing Product

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Schisandra ChinensisSchisandra fruit is a famous medicinal plant. The flowering period of Schisandra chinensis is from April to June, and the flowers’ colour are cream or pink. Its fruit period is from August to September. The fruits are an aggregate fruit with a nearly spherical shape. Mature schisandra chinensis is bright red color and with 1-2 seeds in it. The seeds are kidney-shaped, light orange color, and have a smooth surface.

Schisandra chinensis is divided into two types: northern and southern. The Schisandra chinensis we often refer to is northern Schisandra chinensis. The growth of Schisandra chinensis is concentrated in the north of the Yellow River Basin, with the Xiaoxingan Mountains and Changbai Mountains as the main production areas. It is mainly distributed in Northeast China and North China. Fresh Schisandra chinensis fruits are bright red berries. The fruit is juicy, sour and slightly astringent, with some pepper smell. Fresh juice made from Schisandra chinensis as the raw material is a natural healthcare drink.

Modern medicine has studied and analyzed such miraculous Schisandra chinensis and found that it contains 17 kinds of amino acids, including 8 kinds of essential amino acids for the human body. The organic acids are mainly malic acid, citric acid, a small amount of tartaric acid, succinic acid and oxalic acid. It is rich in trace amounts elements, and also contains a variety of vitamins, such as vitamin B, vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, etc. Therefore, many people believe that in addition to medicinal uses, Schisandra chinensis can also be processed into fruit wine, fruit juice drinks, and health care products, etc. People often use Schisandra chinensis to supplement vitamins and other trace elements in their daily diet.

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