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Monk Fruit Extract: a Natural Sweetener and Medicinal Plant

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Monk fruit extract is a natural sweetener extracted from the Momordica grosvenori plant. It mainly contains mogroside, also called monk fruit sweetness or mogroside alcohol. Mogroside is a white or light yellow powder with an extremely sweet taste. Its sweetness is more than 300 times that of sucrose, but it contains almost no calories. Mogroside is easily soluble in water and ethanol and remains stable at high temperatures.

As a natural sweetener, it has the following advantages:

Monk Fruit Extract Herbal Vitae

1. It can satisfy man's sweet taste needs.

It can satisfy people's need for sweetness without causing the blood sugar and weight gaining, making it an ideal choice for the people with diabetes and weight loss. For example, a cup of lemonade using it instead of cane sugar can save about 100 calories.

2. It can perform the medicinal functions.

It is not only a sweetener, but also a Chinese herbal medicine with the same origin as medicine and food. It has many health functions such as clearing heat and moistening the lungs, relieving cough and reducing phlegm, lowering blood pressure, and antioxidant. For example, it can inhibit the activity of angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE), thereby lowering the blood pressure.

3. It is suitable for high temperature processing.

It can remain stable at high temperatures and will not decompose or deteriorate, which make it suitable for the products processed at high temperatures such as baked goods. For example, it can be used to make low-calorie cakes or cookies.

4. It is natural and non-toxic.

It is a natural plant extract without any artificial or added ingredients and has no toxic or side effects on the human body. It has been recognized by the US FDA as a "public safety food".

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