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The role of green tea extract in skin care products

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The role of green tea extract in skin care products

Nowadays many people are drinking tea. Drinking tea can not only have a health care effect, but also have a very good effect on regulating the our bgreen tea extract powder seller China-herbal vitaeody and mind. Among the many teas, green tea is a category that many people prefer. It has remarkable beauty and skin care effects. Many products now contain the green tea extracts, especially skin care products. So what are the specific effects of green tea extract in skin care products?1. Green tea extract can act as a humectant to improve the skin’s hydration. This is because the tea polyphenols molecules in green tea extract contain the polyol structure, which can absorb the moisture in the air, and it has a hyaluronidase inhibitory activity, so it can achieve the moisturizing effect and can reduce the epidermal water loss of skin.

2. Topical use of green tea extract on the skin can protect the skin from ultraviolet rays and improve the skin erythema. In addition, EGCG can be used as a sunscreen ingredient by inhibiting the free radicals induced by ultraviolet rays in the human body, preventing the breakdowns of collagen and reducing the skin damage caused by ultraviolet rays.

3. Green tea extract can improve the smoothness of the skin, reduce the inflammation, especially against the acne cased bacteria, and is very effective in treating acne and slowing down the skin deterioration.

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