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Soak the Go Ji in your thermos cup!

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Soak the Go Ji in your thermos cup!

When people reach the middle age, they have to soak Goji in a thermos cup. Many Chinese netizens have heard the saying that “when people reach the middle age, they have to soak Goji in a thermos cup". With the improvement of people's concept of health and wellness, whether young or old, everyone likes to soak some wolfberry water for health care. It is said that drinking wolfberry water can "strengthen the muscles and bones".


Some research experts have scientifically interpreted the effect of Goji "strengthening muscles and bones" by using modern scientific and technological means and ideas, and found that the water extract of Goji can upregulate ERRγ (the gene name is Esrrg) by activating the PKA-CREB pathway, thereby regulating the type of muscle fiber to simulating exercise in order to strengthen the muscle function. This study is the first to demonstrate that Goji water extract can regulate the skeletal muscle remodeling and energy metabolism, providing a scientific interpretation for the traditional effect of Goji "strengthening muscles and bones". It has the effect of simulating the exercise in enhancing muscular endurance, increasing the proportion of oxidized muscle fibers, increasing the muscle-to-weight ratio, reducing the white fat content, increasing the energy production and energy exchange, promoting the mitochondrial biosynthesis, promoting the  fatty acid oxidation and thermogenesis.

In our daily life, drinking Goji water with red dates, Ophiopogon japonicus, chrysanthemum,and vitamin C etc. have a great benefits to our health. So just soak the Goji in your thermos cup!

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