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Wolfberry Fruit(Go Ji)

  • Lycii Fructus

  • Dry herb fruit

  • Herb Fruit

  • Be selected

  • Medicinal use

  • Free sample available

  • Carton/ Woven Bag, 25-40KG

  • Express/By Sea/By Air


Wolfberry fruit,also known as go ji, is the dry and mature fruit of Lycium barbarum, which grows in ditch cliffs and hillsides or irrigation ridges and canals. It can be both wildly grown and cultivated. It is mainly distributed in North China, and Northwest China.

51枸杞子goji berry

Go Ji Function & Application


  1. Improve the body's immune function and enhance the body's ability to adapt and adjust

  2. Anticancer effect

  3. Significant eyesight improvement function

  4. Anti-fatigue effect

  5. It has the function of enhancing learning and memory

  6. Improve the adaptability of the body

  7. It can enhance the body's hematopoietic function

  8. It can effectively delay aging

  9. The function skin beauty

  10. Strengthen the body and improve male sexual function

  11. Treatment of male infertility

  12. Lowering blood lipids and treating hypertension

  13. It has a relieving effect on allergic inflammation

  14. The effect of protecting liver and anti-fatty liver

  15. The effect of lowering blood sugar and the treatment of diabetes

  16. It can be used to treat obesity

  17. It can be used to treat chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis

51枸杞子chinese goji

Lycii Fructus Package & Delivery


  • 25-40kg carton / pp bag, or customised.

  • Stored in a cool & dry well-closed container, keep away from moisture and strong light/heat.

  • Cargo can be sent by Express, by Air or by Sea, all available by negotiation.

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