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Gastrodia Elata Health Care Food ​​

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Gastrodia Elata Health Care Food

Gastrodia elata is a very valuable Chinese herb with high pharmacological effects. At the same time, it can be made into medicinal diet when cooked with food properly inour life, and it also plays an important role in the conditioning of our body. So do you know how to eat Gastrodia Elata to keep healthy in our daily life?

Gastrodia elata is the dry rhizome of the Gastrodiael gtgBI, mainly produced in Sichuan, Yunnan, and Guizhou provinces.

The functions of Gastrodia Elata

1. It can dispel the phlegm and clear the headache

2. It can relieve the pain in the limbs, itching of the skin, and the migraine headache.gastrodia elata China factory-Herbal Vitae

3. It can relieve the pain in the waist and feet.

4. Lowering the blood pressure. Gastrodia elata has the effect of activating blood, which can dredge blood vessels, enhance the elasticity of blood vessel walls, and has a certain effect of lowering blood pressure.

5. It Improves the eyesight and significantly enhances our memory.

6. Protect the heart. The gastrodin in Gastrodia elata can promote the energy metabolism of myocardial cells, especially the effect of obtaining energy under hypoxic conditions.

7. In addition, Gastrodia elata can increase the cerebral blood flow, reduce the cerebrovascular resistance, slightly constrict the cerebral blood vessels, increase the coronary blood flow, and prevent the cardiovascular diseases.

How to eat gastrodia elata for health care purpose

1. Stewed chicken with gastrodia elata. Clinically approved that the medicated diet of gastrodia elata stewed with chicken can achieve sedative, analgesic, anticonvulsant effects, and help to improve the cerebrovascular related symptoms. It can be used as aa healthy diet for middle-aged and elderly people.

2. Stewed pork ribs with gastrodia elata can dispel wind-dampness, clear the meridians and nourish the kidney.

3. Steamed eggs with gastrodia elata (grinding into powder) can treat migraine.

4. Gastrodia elata can be eaten raw after washed and sliced, ground into powder. Among them, the active ingredients such as gastrodiaglycin can inhibit tumors.

5. Using gastrodia elata to make wine has a certain effect on the treatment of stroke anf arteriosclerosis, and can also treat diseases such as spasm, limb numbness, language disorder, and stroke.

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