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Cinnamon Market Trends

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Overview of cinnamon market trends

Cinnamon is one of the unique economic tree species in China. Cinnamon is a combination of spices and medicinal materials. China's cinnamon production basically maintains its position as the world's first. Guangxi is the largest cinnamon producing area in China. In recent years, Guangxi cinnamon production accounts for more than 50% of China's domestic production.

Generally speaking, the harvest season of cinnamon bark is between March and May in spring. At this time, the sap of cinnamon trees is much more so that it is easy to peel the barks. At the same time, cinnamon trees are also easy to germinate after peeling, and the ratio of raw barks to dry barks is relatively higher.

On the one hand, the output of cinnamon in Guangxi has increased this year. In addition, the price of cinnamon in the region has stayed in high level in recent years, which has led to a large number of cinnamon processing enterprises pouring into the cinnamon production industry. The increase of these companies has led to a sufficient supply of the places of origin which has resulted in the pressure of the price. On the other hand, the export of cinnamon has not yet returned to the state before the epidemic, the sales in the export market have not been fully opened, and the domestic demand is relatively sluggish, forming a high market pressure, making the market price of cinnamon produced in Guangxi conservative, and the market price is comparable to last year.

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